Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lessons Learned

Interacting with others I have learned quite a lot here in NYC as well as in other parts of the world.  I had lost my faith in others somewhat as a young man but as I started to get out of the city I have seen first hand how people will for the most part want to help you.  Even if you doubt others look around you the bridges, parks and houses are all the result of people working together with a common goal.

Appearance can't really tell you much about a person I met a young man a while back who would share books and magazines with me a guy who most people dismiss and judge as uneducated.  It was through him that I came across some good legal advice.  You can work your whole life and try to do things right but just one mistake can destroy it all.  In certain states if you die and don't leave a will and specify who should get your assets your father and mother will automatically get it all.  This is fine if you get along well with them and want them to get it all.  But what if you also have siblings that you want to give assets to?

You also have to make sure you name beneficiaries on your accounts such as a 403b but if you're married your spouse will get 50% of your 403b assets even if you don't include them unless they sign a waiver.

Years ago I heard a financial advisor who worked with wealthy individuals say something that really made an impact in my life.  He spoke about a father and son who bought a stock in the 1990 dotcom era.  The stock took off like a rocket they went to see him to tell him about their stock that went from $50k to $700k they had no interest in selling despite his advice to take some profits.  Their reason was that they wanted to get to a million they visited him again when it reached $800k with no desire to sell.  They visited him again when the stock started to drop to $600,000 and again he told them to sell at least some of it to retain some of their gains.  They refused and told him they would wait for it to come back up and recover.  As we all know the end of the 90's marked the end of the dotcom bubble which ended with a crash very few Internet companies survived.

The advisor went on to say that the father and son did not sell any of the shares they owned they lost it all.  The advisor told us that what bothered him was that they could have taken some of that money and used it.  He didn't state the obvious which is to buy a nice car, house and fancy clothes.  What really stood out to me is that he stated "imagine all the education they could have bought with that money."  That is why I spend my hard earned money buying more education.  I would really regret losing $10k in the market and to not have used at least some of that money to buy more education something that a market crash can't take away from me.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The New Indentured Servant

Through my many travelings I have come across a variety of people that have helped me see the bigger picture in life.  While I was in another city I saw an older woman in a trolley with a male friend she was homeless and missing teeth.  I knew she was homeless since the trolley was free and a magnet for the homeless community while I observed her I saw her talking to the driver and her male friend they pretty much do the same routine everyday.  I like the fact that she was having a good time despite her poverty in her laughter at that moment I saw authentic happiness.  Then as I looked out the window I remembered this young lady I met in school a few years ago.  She was working on a second degree as her first degree proved to be a bad investment.  So now she was taking out loans and maxing her credit cards to pay for her education.  She was also living with a man who she stated was awesome yet he had her working 3 P/T jobs with very little clothes, food and no health insurance, I thought "boy isn't she lucky".

The point is I have never met anyone as stressed out as my former classmate.  I rarely saw her smile and when she did I did not see real happiness not like the homeless woman in the trolley.  Although she had a place to live, credit cards and a degree she was worth -$90,000 and counting.  The way I see it she may be repaying loans and credit card debt for life.  It is like some college students are the new indentured servants of our times but they will never repay their debt.  On the other hand the homeless woman may be broke but she is worth the $10-15 dollars in her pocket plus a cigarette and a lottery ticket.  Then I understood why she laughed and was experiencing periods of elation and happiness she is financially worth more than my classmate she doesn't need to worry about repaying a massive loan.

What can we say to young adults now a days that can make it all better?  We live in a society where the most basic things in life such as health and education are the top reasons that people file for bankruptcy or end up in massive unforgivable debt.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Money, Love and Risk

At some point in our lives most of us think about getting married.  Males and females play different roles in this matter.  The more someone earns the more likely it is that she/he will start demanding a better mate.  Yet there are quiet individuals such as scientists that may be too busy to hunt.  Then there are doctors that lose their social skills so they don't look much for love.  Some doctors marry amongst themselves.  There is an article written by a Princeton mom about well educated women only having a few years to find a suitable mate this is even more so when it comes to female doctors. They will have to deal with the burden of finding men that are able to keep up with their level of education and not feel threatened by their income.

The risk of family violence is greater when the man is less educated than the woman.

A male may not mind if a woman is not as smart as he is as long as he can have a stimulating conversation.  When I first started working at a hospital I overheard a nurse tell her buddies that wealthy men get the pick of the litter.  Educated men on the other hand don't see women as sole providers if given the choice they will prefer a high earner but it usually isn't on the top of his list.   Men want women that are kind and women that will not walk out on their family.  When women/men come off rude or cold this is a complete turn off and the more a person has (education/wealth) the less likely he/she will put up with it.  

Up to this part we have not touched upon the subject of risk.  Yes, a woman who is pretty may end up with a high earner.  A successful male entrepreneur (with an undergraduate degree or none) may end up with a female lawyer from an Ivy.  What can disrupt the norm is risk the risk either gender takes to get someone outside of their league.  I am talking about the woman that has very little income not much education and is not considered physically attractive by society who ends up with a CEO or millionaire.  Yes, I have seen plenty of this going on and it comes down to risk.  While women are busy with their careers and think that their profession or looks gives them the right to be picky and rude their men are being swept away by women who ask them out treat them with the utmost respect even though they may not have much they get the man they want.  Actually they take some of the best men out there.

I know women are usually taught to wait for a man to go up to them and ask them out but while they are waiting that dream man is sometimes taken away by a brave girl that is not afraid to ask him out.
I know of two physicians that got married this way and in both cases the women were not physically attractive, well educated or wealthy.  Society makes a huge mistake when it teaches women that looks are everything in life and that this will get them everything they want.

To enjoy the finer things in life sometimes you have to learn to put down your pride.

Women next time you see a miss match ask your self would I be willing to to go up to that man and ask him out? would I treat him with more respect than the girl that he is with (the answer most likely is no and that is why she has him and you don't) or would I make it impossible for him to get to know me and play little rude games and act like I'm a princess?  If you're a man ask yourself do I have the guts to go up to that girl and create a better quality of life for her and a future family? Would I complain about going to work? could I provide more than the man she is with (not likely otherwise you wouldn't be single)? would I be a good man or abusive? would I just have a good time with her or would I marry her?

The risk of family violence is greater when the couple are not legally married

It may appear that men have an advantage when it comes to finding mates.  Men do have a big responsibility and they will ruin their families and their opportunities if they don't man up and educate themselves more. The risk of family violence increases when a male is unemployed. The risk of family violence increases when a male's job status is lower than that of his spouse.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Investing In The Ebola Vaccine

Ebola is one of the most deadly viral diseases with a fatality rate of 50-90 percent.  There are five strains of Ebola (Reston, Sudan, Tai Forest, Bundibugyo and Zaire) as well as Marburg virus that are classified as members of a family of negative stranded RNA viruses, the Filoviridae.  The Sudanese Ebola Outbreaks of 1976 and 1979 which struck two months before the Zairean Ebola Epidemic of 1976 did not receive international attention therefore the first case was attributed to Zaire.  The first identified case of Ebola was on August 1976 in a small village in northern Democratic Republic of the Congo back then known as Zaire.  In medical encyclopedias you can see that the first case is actually found in the southern Sudanese town of Nzara a storekeeper in a cotton factory began hemorrhaging and went into shock he died on July 6, 1976.  

It is not entirely known by the medical community how Ebola is spread.  Ebola is believed to be transmitted by coming in contact with an infected animal's body fluids.  The virus has been shown to travel without contact from pigs to primates.  Human-to-human transmission can occur with direct contact with blood or bodily fluids from an infected person.  An interesting fact from the Zairean Ebola Epidemic of 1976 was that a young lady died from Ebola in 1977 in Tandala, Zaire about 200 miles away from the outbreak she had never been in contact with anyone from the 1976 epidemic.  If you study all Ebola epidemics dating back to 1976 you can see that there still remain many unanswered questions.  In the Zaire Ebola Epidemic of 1995 the strain was almost identical to the 1976 strain yet studies showed that the 1995 strain was capable of infecting through normal skin contact, coughing as well as through bodily fluids.  

The first human trial for an investigational Ebola vaccine is set to begin this week.  At this point Ebola poses a threat to the world aggressive action is necessary.  The NIH is developing the vaccine with pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).  If successful it will take until late 2015 for the vaccine to be administered to a limited number of health workers.  There are other companies also offering their vaccine to help with the outbreak one of which has already received $140 million from the Department of Defense: Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (TKMR).  Tekmira and its antiviral product TKM-Ebola is currently in Phase I of the clinical trial process.  

Two weeks ago I entered a TKMR trade at $20.20 the order did not fill completely only 300 shares were bought leaving me with 700 shares outstanding.  At this point I had to make a quick decision whether to cancel the remaining 700 shares, wait or modify the price.  The stock rose to $20.26 while I was holding 300 shares I could have sold them yet I chose to wait for the price to drop to $20.20 to buy the remaining 700 shares at 1:38pm.  The stock then went straight to $20.31 allowing me to exit. After weighting the amount of risk that Tekmira brings I think I will evade it just because if I decided to hold on to it for the long run it could take years to make my money back.  The company is working on several products yet they are all in the early stages and the clinical trial process is a very lengthy one assuming all goes well. 

Tekmira Day Trade $110 in 5 min

Friday, August 8, 2014

Winning The Lottery

I am not a gambler but I do like the idea of winning $115,000,000 which is the current jackpot for the Mega Millions Lottery.  I am aware that the odds of winning the top prize is 1 in 258,890,850.  In fact there is a formula that tells you what your ticket is worth and when it's best to buy yourself a ticket.
You multiply 1/258,890,850(odds of winning) X  $115,000,000(jackpot)/1 = 0.44 X $1(ticket price) = $0.44 so if I buy a ticket today my $1 ticket is worth about 44 cents.  When the jackpot rises to $259 million and above the value of your ticket is actually higher than $1 which makes this a better time to buy a ticket if you play regularly.  With that said I am too busy to play but occasionally I do play for fun and I try to find creative ways to do so.

I wrote a computer program a few years ago using Python I tried it out a few times but then forgot about it I did match 2 numbers the first time I used it.  I recently decided to take a look at the program and update it using a newer version this new code will pick random numbers for me similar to the quick pick option at the store or the random number generator on the website.  I created the program as a fun way to play the lotto I wouldn't want to play any other way.  Technically the program could pick the right numbers to make me a winner but the program will not give me a higher probability of winning compared to any other method that others use.

Step 1 - Run the program I created  by pressing 'run' (top left) write down the numbers                  

Step 2 - Bubble in the numbers on the NY Mega Millions Lottery Slip

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Learn To Think Outside The Box

Growing up in NYC I did what most people would consider a sure way to success: school and work.   Throughout the years I received the same type of information all others in my class got and it all led to the same conclusion get a 9-5 job with good benefits.

I always thought about earning money by the hour, the day, the week and then by the year.  It wasn't until I started reading, reaching out to people and attending conferences that I learned how to think differently.  I learned that stock trading can be very rewarding.  I once saw a guy make $200 in 1 minute a concept I did not think possible.  It was an unknown unknown.  I then tried to imitate it and eventually got it right.  It changed my way of thinking I now think of making money by the second, minute then by the hour.  I consider an hour a lifetime in regards to making money.  Once you learn this and get it right you can never go back, you see life and time in a different way.  It all happened by thinking outside the box.  I did what society considers right I went to school and got a job yet neither gave me all the information I needed and wanted.

I can read about people who have lost money but it is far more educational to meet the man that actually lost $80,000.  I learned how to make money and evade losses but also that it can be made by the second or minute without so much risk meaning not only stock trading can give you that type of money there are other ways.  

Increased risk will give you a higher probability of potential reward but excessive risk will most likely end in a negative reward outcome.

A 4 minute Twitter (TWTR) Trade 1000 shares = $110 gain

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Education Outside The Classroom

Aside from school and work I like to attend seminars and conferences about different topics such as art, finance and medicine.  I also like to travel to different states to learn about people and their daily lives to see how they differ or compare to people in NYC.  Museums, art galleries and hospitals are of high interest to me so I set these as my first destination points.  I also like to visit restaurants, malls and the zoo if possible.

I recently went to Chicago to see what is now being called a new up and coming real estate hot spot. I got there early and saw the stampedes of people rushing to work.  Young people in their business clothes going to their 9-5 yet I don't think that is the place to find true wealth.  Having a job is a good thing and can contribute to society but is not the way to create real wealth.  Some pretty important buildings all in walking distance from each other yet people bypass them missing out on the enormous educational experience.  I visited the Chicago Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago Board Of Trade and the Harold Washington Library (the largest public library building in the world).  Not too many young people at these places or anyone if at all.  If possible I would live in the library and educate myself at the financial district and work at the Illinois Medical District.  For fun I would take the #22 bus ($2.25) to check out the animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo (free).

The world's oldest futures and options exchange established in 1848

One of twelve regional reserve banks

The $10,000 bill was taken out of circulation to discourage their use in avoiding income tax

In July 1914 the Exchange closed as a result of World War I, and remained closed until December 11

Information is not an item but can be exchangeable for goods and services

A few months ago I went to check out the real estate in Rhode Island.  The houses are less expensive than the NYC homes I am used to.  Current rates are at 4.19% for the 30 yr fixed.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

What To Do After You Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt

If you have managed to pay off all your credit card debt I dedicate this post to you.

1. Save
Yes, you were in massive debt on the verge of destroying your future but managed to turn it around. In the process you must have penny pinched and lived below your means.  It took a lot of discipline to set aside money for your monthly payments.  You must now use that discipline to take that same amount and put it towards your savings account.  Resist the temptation to go crazy and spend all your money as if paying off the debt was the end of it.  The journey has just begun and it's time to fatten up your savings and take control of your future.  You paid a lot of interest on that debt now flip the scenario and start getting interest on your money by investing some of those savings.

2. Evade Major Purchases or Debt
Try not to make any major purchase like a car or house at least not at first.  Give yourself some breathing room and let it sink in; the amount of reckless spending you took on and the amount of time and sacrifice it took to pay it off.  Do not take on another huge amount of debt.  Unless you have a very large growing family and need to upgrade don't go buying that house so quickly.  Do not get an expensive degree.  First learn to save and create some financial cushion for yourself.  I think this is a big problem for people they borrow enormous amounts with out really knowing the true value of money and the hard work it takes to create that type of wealth.  If people took out the time to save and create wealth they would think again before getting a $100k degree, if you have not created $100,000 how do you know what owing that amount of money will feel like and how much labor it takes to pay it off.

3. Learn To Respect Money
It is the love of money that may lead to evil but not the respect of it.  Get better acquainted with your money learn the history behind it.  It sounds funny to do research on the history of your dollar bills and coins but this can help you hold on to it for a longer time.  If there is a girl/guy you see everyday on the street and don't know their name or anything more about them aside from their physical appearance chances are if they disappear you won't miss them much and will quickly forget about them.  The same with money if you don't know much about it you will not miss it when it leaves you.  I notice that some people are very disorganized with their money and don't manage their finances well. I believe they have no respect for their money or their finances and that is why they end up in debt.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

5 Things You Should Do While Young

1. Travel
The moment you get married or start a new job you start losing some of your freedom to do as you please.  A marriage requires you and your spouse to split responsibilities and that either one or both of you work.  Marriage will make the possibility of traveling less likely and if you do it will be less often. You can easily go through college and work with little if any breaks in between and then when you least realize it you are well into your 50's or 60's and with very little exposure to the world.  To live is to travel it opens up new worlds and ideas once you set sail.

2. Change Careers
You graduated college and after working a few years you realize you no longer want to do the same work anymore.  It may be time to get another degree in an unrelated field or a degree that will complement the first one.  It is ok to not get it right the first time around but even if you are you may need to change your career to advance to your next phase.  Stop thinking that you need permission or that people will see you as a failure.  Be kind to yourself there is no point to fake being happy at a job you no longer want.

3. Risk
Yes, it all comes down to one thing: risk.  Make leaps in your life you don't need to follow what others are doing just to feel safe and secure.  To become that person that you dream of becoming requires big moves and changes.  As long as it's ethical and legal do it!  Years from now you won't be thinking about the rejections and falls you had you will however regret being too safe.

4. Help Others Out
Nothing worse than a person that is self centered.  Volunteer, give back and possibly learn a new trade in the process.  Use your time wisely and let it humble you to serve others and realize that maybe you don't know it all.  Build someone else up, focus on other people's needs as well.  You don't always need to cash in on every endeavor you take on, you don't always need to get a thank you or get recognized for every act of kindness.  Life isn't always perfect or fair but if we all try to get even and dish out what we get then this world becomes very unpleasant.

5. Talk To People
When was the last time you talked to a stranger at a social event or at the library? Some of us think that as long as we have the people that either our jobs, school, family or friends have introduced to us we don't need anyone else.  We walk around protecting ourselves from the world.  Most of what you need in life will come from people and not everyone you need is on your network yet.  You need to go get them.  Those new people the soft acquaintances are more likely to help you than people you know very well.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Sunshine Vitamin Part 2

With Multiple Sclerosis where you spend your adolescence will set your statistical risk, if you were born in Asia and spent your adolescence there and later on move to the U.S. you will keep the lower risk associated with Asia.  What about vitamin D deficiencies and production will you also keep the risks associated with your country of origin if you spend your adolescence near the equator and then decide to move lets say to Alaska?

When it comes to saving money something as simple as getting your levels checked and starting to supplement with 600-800 IU daily can help you prevent infections and unnecessary visits to the doctor.  Make sure to consult with your doctor if you have allergies and don't overdose as this can lead to hypercalcemia and other side effects.  With the recent cases of MERS and the fact that bacteria and viruses are likely to be found in medical facilities it is vital to have healthcare employees with optimal levels of vitamin D and strong immune systems this will reduce the spread of infections and downtime.

Folk theory states that one could catch the common cold with prolonged exposure to cold weather in the winter or rain.  Yet there is no proof that this is true it can be due to low body temperature, low humidity or spending more time indoors with infected people.  It could also be that when the cold weather enters so do the layers of clothes and less exposure to the sun.  This will lower our vitamin D levels weakening our immune system as a result making us more susceptible to the common cold.

Courtesy of Vitamin D Council

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sunshine Vitamin Part 1

Are you vitamin D deficient?

Unless you are living on the equator you are most likely to be deficient.  Vitamin D is fat soluble and a hormone in the past doctors would not test patients for vitamin D levels yet recently it has become common practice.  The deficiency of the vitamin has been called a pandemic at Boston University Medical Center they are researching the link between deficiency and the consequences for non skeletal health.

Who is at risk?

Yes, we have evolved into a society that works indoors with very little exposure to the sun.  Add to this the fact that most of us are online/indoors during our free time.  When we decide to go outside we are told to evade the sun, use sunscreen therefore we get very little sun exposure.  Where you live also influences your deficiency if you live in the North of the U.S. or Canada you will have a higher risk of being deficient.  The farther away from the equator you live the less hours of overhead sunlight there will be.  People who are obese or the elderly are also at risk of being deficient according to the Vitamin D Council.

If you are deficient you may feel no symptoms or you may feel fatigue, muscle/joint pain and experience frequent colds/infections.

Normal levels of Vitamin D range from 30.0 - 74.0 ng/mL.

Low vitamin D levels are associated with softening of the bones and suppression of the immune system it may also make you susceptible to disease and cancer.  A weakened immune system means that you are more likely to get an infection.  It is essential to get tested.  Multiple sclerosis (MS) an autoimmune disease that is more common in women seems to be linked with low vitamin D levels.  Is it that vitamin D levels that are low are the reason that people get the disease or is it that the body goes into shock and vitamin D levels drop to prevent the immune system from attacking?  Patients with MS that have lower levels of the vitamin are more likely to have attacks compared to patients with higher levels.  Does this mean that the disease causes your D levels to drop to make it easier to attack your own body?  Multiple sclerosis is more common at higher latitudes this includes countries like New Zealand, Australia, Europe, U.S. and Canada and is rare in Africa and Asia.  Is vitamin D deficiency a prerequisite to autoimmune disease? does deficiency increase your risk of developing disease or is it a reaction of the body once the disease is active?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Are You Taking Advice From?

The first year I started working out at a gym I saw no results on my body.  It took me a second year to gain muscle and start to lose body fat.  I couldn't afford to pay a personal trainer I had to learn on my own through trial and error.  I did get some help from a few gym members.  I decided to ask the bodybuilders to give me pointers.  I was very young so they were willing to help me out.

It is important to get the right advice from the right people.  If you go to a gym with 500 members all of which are men you will surely get advice from each one of them if you ask, even if they have no clue what they are doing.  I did not waste time asking those with no results how I should go about transforming my body.  It took a lot of time, patience and discipline to get what I wanted.

The same can be said about finance.  Who are you getting advice from?

If you hang out with smart people you will make smart choices.  If you hang out with positive people you will become a positive person.  If you hang out with wealthy people you will be wealthy yourself. Nobel Prize winners usually have students that end up receiving a Nobel Prize of their own.

Pretty simple whatever you want in life make sure you get the right type of advice.  You get what you pay for a low price most likely equals a poor answer and a poor outcome.  When the person you need is not available get their book.  While I got experience at the gym I read a lot about workout routines, human anatomy and nutrition.  I didn't know at the time that my interests would come in handy later on.  It all depends on how badly you want what you are looking for I am willing to travel to look for the information I need.  Next time you need help or feel stuck in life make sure to go get advice from a reliable and respectable source.

Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Mistakes Young Adults Make

1. Don't Save Enough
    Young adults seem to skip on the savings and go straight to the spending.  Having a good time is not bad but make sure you don't spend it all on things and people that won't matter a few years from now.

2. Don't Risk Enough
    Yes, playing it too safe will not pay off.  You have so much time ahead of you when you are young that even if you risk big and lose you will have plenty of time to gather yourself back up.  On the other hand what if the risk does pay off?

3. Comparing Yourself To Others
    We all know that there will always be people that are nicer, smarter, stronger etc  
What you don't always see is that you may be wrong some of the time.  Others may not be better off or immune to disrespect, illness and bad events.  Be happy for other people's success.

4. Not Enough Exercise
    School and work can take up a lot of our time so typically we rather have a good time with friends or family or just rest when we are done with those obligations.  Yet if we do commit and exercise our health will be at an optimal level making our old age less expensive and more enjoyable.  Once you become a senior and ill this will be the worst time to start exercising you will find it very hard.

5. Don't Volunteer
    It's not all about us we exist in a very connected world not only talking about humans here.  If you begin your life just worrying about yourself and self centered you will not be a very good family member, spouse, friend and mentor.  You will also feel empty and not satisfied even if you fulfill some or most of your goals.  You want to make a difference, help your community and fix some of the negatives you saw growing up.  This will bring satisfaction to your life and pick you up during the tough times.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Del Mar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Del Mar (DMPI) a Canadian based Pharmaceutical company founded in 2010 with its main player VAL-083 which is currently in the clinical trial stage in the U.S. for refractory glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).  Glioblastomas are the most aggressive form of brain cancer so aggressive that even under high levels of radiation the tumors may show no sign of ever receiving radiation.  The small-molecule
chemotherapeutic is already approved in China for lung cancer and chronic myelogenous leukemia. 
The bar is set higher in the U.S. both clinically and regulatory. 

As an investor I stay away from most OTC securities as they come with high risk.  As a man of medicine obsessed with the brain and cancer the stock seems promising and may surprise investors with a blockbuster drug.  Yet I have traded for quite a while so I know best to look for fundamental or technical analysis.  According to SeeThruEquity a NYC independent equity research firm they had modeled that Del Mar would have raised $2mn in 2014 yet DMPI reported a working capital of $4.1mn said to last the biotech company well into the first quarter of 2015 in regards to R&D. SeeThruEquity has a $4.53 price target for the company.

It is typical that newly founded pharmaceutical companies operate on negative cash flow during the clinical trial process.

Del Mar could be uplisted to either the NYSE or NASDAQ.  Making it a good investment for the long run or until it gets FDA approval.  The FDA already gave VAL-083 Orphan Drug Status.  Temodar and Avastin are the current drugs on the market for GBM.  The drug is a last result treatment but if it is approved it could become a front line treatment.  The company will make updates in regards to VAL-083 at the American Association Cancer Research Annual Meeting (April 5-9) in San Diego, CA. 

The Board of Directors includes two MBAs, a Ph.D and a Doctor of Medicine who practices at Columbia-Presbyterian.  Del Mar has three Advisors who either practice Neurosurgery or Neurology.

The stock has stayed in the $1-$1.4 range (after hitting a high of $2.4 in May 2013) for almost a year typical of a OTC security.

Without treatment victims with GBM will only survive for 4-5 months.  With treatment (chemo, radiation & Temodar) the survival rate is about 15 months.

If approved VAL-083 may generate $100s of millions in North America and possibly billions worldwide.  On the other hand if the drug fails to receive approval that will most likely be the end of Del Mar and a monetary loss to investors.  
Glioblastoma Multiforme - this one has crossed the midline
to the opposite hemisphere.
Neoplasms are quite vascular.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Learn To Be A Risk Taker

Whether you want to be a millionaire, successful in your career or both I believe taking risk will get you there.  I don't think money measures success many of history's great men died poor or in debt yet they contributed so much to our modern day use of electricity, statistics and science.  The point is that whatever your dream is taking risk will most likely be a prerequisite to get what you want.  It may be the only way to get what you want.

When it comes to money taking risk can make some uncomfortable. I try not to live a life that is too safe and predictable.  The security of always having an exact amount of money deposited to your account will not make you rich.  I never have the same amount of money from one day to another because my money is invested and it fluctuates.

I didn't have much growing up so I learned to accept taking risk.  No other feeling compares to that of losing a substantial amount of money.  I do take calculated risks there is no reason to take on more risk than necessary I would not advice making an investment that might leave you broke or in debt.

Risk can make the difference whether you live a simple life or have the power and freedom to live it the way you want to.  Risk well taken and executed can mean that you get to pick the people on your network. 

I like to see how people handle risk I see people pass up incredible opportunities just because they are afraid to take risk and make themselves vulnerable.  I would not pass up opportunities that may only come once in a life time.

You can't be afraid of failure or making a mistake in front of a few people.  Perfection isn't necessary to become wealthy or successful in your career.  I have made plenty of mistakes but I don't worry about them because the people who have seen me make mistakes I am not trying to impress.   Great men like Tesla, Mendel and Santiago Ramon y Cajal made plenty of mistakes yet the people who were rude or doubtful or who ridiculed them did not make history and their names are not mentioned at all.  Those ignorant people didn't matter.  I am glad these innovators did not give up otherwise they would have passed up so much over something so small as the fear of risk taking, failure and ridicule.

        Gregor Mendel                                       Nikola Tesla                                Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

During the financial crisis I decided to venture off and buy both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stock which were listed on the NYSE.  They both got delisted and became OTC securities they destroyed people's retirement funds and wealth in the process.  I bought shares at 70 and 80 cents I decided to ride it out and more than doubled my money as a result. The other day they were both in the $6 range and I could have sold them but I am doing this investment as a way to learn how delisted companies as important as these two giants will be handled.  Had both of these mortgage companies been allowed to fail the U.S. would have surely gone into a depression.  I don't advice going overboard with OTC securities they come with more risk than a NYSE or NASDAQ listed stock.  I got the money to invest in these stocks by taking risk why not continue using it to take on more risk.

Mortgage rates for a 30 yr fixed are currently at 4.33% and 3.35% for a 15 yr fixed.  Rates in spring 2013 were at 3.50% for a 30 yr fixed.

Shares of both securities are down due to a bill that would wind down both federally controlled FNMA and FMCC.  On the flip side the chances of the reform bill passing is very small.  Investors are hoping that the dividends paid to the government will eventually go to shareholders and this could send the stock into double digits.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Become Successful

Whatever your goal in life happens to be success will only come to those that envision the final result way before it has been reached.  Picture a marathon runner preparing to race, in his mind he has already crossed the finish line.  If he does not know where the finish line is then what is the point of him running he will never stop running or most likely give up quickly.  Setting a goal is very important you need to know where you are going.  This is the fun part where you dream and you make it as big and exciting as you want.  Do not ask for permission just dream and set high goals for yourself.  Then you must find a way to get your goal fulfilled to attain success.  You need to write down your goal and believe it will happen you need to envision it daily and tell others about it. People may help you, not care or even doubt you.  It doesn't matter if others bash your dream the act of saying it aloud increases your probability of success.

When I was starting out as a freshman in college I went ahead and told a pretty girl from my class my dream which at the time was a pretty big one for me.  I don't know if she believed me or not but at least she was polite about it.  A few semesters later as I found myself working at a gym and other low paying jobs with very little savings I doubted myself and regretted having told my classmate my dream.  But that doubt didn't last long I kept telling myself and others about my dream.  The work I put in was overwhelming there is no easy way to attain victory.  In the process my dream changed it got bigger  and I now realize that although the dream I shared with my classmate has changed if I wanted to do so I would be able to carry out what I told her.  Telling her my dream ended up being a good thing.

To attain success you need to associate with like minded people.  People that will challenge you and encourage you.  You also need to find mentors who are currently living your dream so you can learn from them and not waste time trying to figure out all the little details by yourself.  If you have the means and time go international and visit people in other parts of the world.  I learned plenty by traveling and observing people's routines and every day lives.

As you achieve goals make them bigger or update them if you find new passions. Empower others along the way the same way others empowered you.  When you find adversity along the way don't pay much mind to it.  Success is always the best answer to jealous, doubtful and arrogant people. Turn the negatives into a positive and you will surely achieve success much faster than if you dwell on the bad situations or people that you will surely come across.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


I have written a few articles about the importance of interacting with others to further one's career.  I now see connecting with others as a healthy way to enjoy life.  If you gain the world but can't name a few if not several people that love or care about you what is the point?  If you manage to ascend to CEO status but didn't help anybody along the way you will feel empty.  Connect with others to help them out and everything else will fall in place.

In statistics it is said that there is no such thing as luck.  If you flip a quarter 100 times there is a chance you will get 100 tails and 0 heads.  What every day people would call either good luck if you are betting on tails or bad luck if you are betting on heads.  In statistics it is all about randomness and the law of large numbers.  With that said I do somewhat believe in the concept of luck.  I believe that I can influence my luck or create to some degree better luck for myself and my loved ones.  If I didn't then I would not do much in life other than eat and sleep.  I believe that creating a solid network can give you a better quality of life, job, wife and future.

Most of the people on my network are there because I either created an opportunity to connect with them or a result of me going after them.  If I had left it up to luck then 90% of the people on my network I would have never met or interacted with.  People on my network from stock traders, IRS employees, artists, real estate agents,  doctors working on research (breast cancer to brain) most of them would not be on my network.  My life and jobs would have only put a few of these professionals across my path.  Not every attempt will be productive or successful but you can't let this stop you from connecting with others.

When connecting with others I know who I can approach and how to approach them.  I wouldn't suggest going out to connect with a quant if you have no idea what they do or if you don't have any experience with derivatives or stock trading.  Don't purposely set yourself up for failure.  If you want to connect with better people you have to work on improving yourself and your skills.  You need to show that 800lb gorilla in the room you have something to offer something he can benefit from.

We all know about Michelangelo the sculptor and painter but what we don't always remember is that
he might not have become the best if it were not for the help he received from Lorenzo de Medici.
Lorenzo noticed Michelangelo's unusual talent and moved him into his palace to help educate him.
Michelangelo was thrown into the social circle of the wealthy.  He perfected his skills by being among the most prominent people, he studied sculpture under Bertoldo di Giovanni.  As good as Michelangelo was he would have not become the Michelangelo we speak of today all on his own.

I don't like waiting for life to bring me the people I need I rather go look for them or interact in places where I can meet what I am looking for.  The more your network grows the more you can enjoy life with new exciting opportunities.  If you get a bit overwhelmed because you are an introvert take breaks but keep putting yourself out there.  I am not an outspoken person but I don't need to be as long as I speak to the right people at the right time.