Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Why You Should Network

Feeling out of ideas?

Getting to know people can be a good way to get new ideas.

Even if you work very hard there is always something that can be gained by reaching out to people. There are periods in our life where we may not grow any further until we meet the right people.
Whether it is business or any other profession it is important to go to networking events and conferences to seek help.

Growing does require a large effort on our behalf but we also need others to improve ourselves and to get encouragement.  You are also of high value to others who need your expertise and special qualities. We are called to help each other out and by only keeping what we know to ourselves we hold ourselves back and those who need our help.

I once attended a special event at a college, the speaker was a venture capitalist, he told me something I never forgot.  It was during the financial disaster of 2009 I asked him if it was a good time to venture and invest given the financial situation, he did not like my comments.  He stated that we will always need people for ideas and for goods and services and as long as that is true there will always be a reason to invest. Although at the moment it did not make much sense I later on understood what he meant.

Connect with others not only will you grow and learn you may also make good friends.  As you grow you may need to hire people or may be given a better job opportunity.  At the right time your ideas may lead to a business where you may need investors or staff and this contributes to the overall economy recession or not.

Networking an artistic piece by Gerson Santillana (c)

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