Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To Deal With Failure

Failure is something we look down upon.  It usually starts in school when we raise our hand if we say the wrong answer we feel bad and probably will hesitate to raise our hand again.  People love to hear stories of success and glory.  The media loves those who come in 1st place. Those that come in 2nd and 3rd are forgotten.  Yet success comes with a prerequisite; failure.  Great salesmen know that it takes a lot of rejection and failure to become the best.  The earlier in life we learn to deal with failure and rejection the better off we will be.

It doesn't feel good to fail that is why we must work hard and learn from the past to evade it.  There are failures that can be avoided if we have discipline, seek out good friends and mentors.  The journey is ours but getting good quality friends, acquaintances and mentors makes the trip less bumpy.  If you haven't failed much you must not be living to your full potential.  If you plan on living a life free of failure you must plan on living a very mediocre life.  It's like playing poker and expecting to have winning hands all the time. In poker it's not about having winning hands all the time but the way you play the cards you have been dealt.

If rejection bothers you then get a seasonal job in sales to overcome the problem.  This will help you learn how to deal with people turning you down.  As you gain experience rejection won't bother you as much. It will help you to overcome your fears of social interaction, this will come in handy when you need to conduct business.   Public speaking is a fear most of us have and the earlier we learn to deal with it the better. Make announcements at family gatherings, volunteer at a public event to get practice in front of small or large crowds.  Most of the time people will cheer for you or will be on your side.

Anything that will bring you wealth, success or fame will require some failure if not lots of it.  To dismiss failure will mean you won't do much in life.  The more you get out there and try the more you will become confident and learn that failure is necessary to become the person you want to be.  The lessons learned will make you better at dealing with losses and bad moments.  Don't be too hard on yourself we all make mistakes and success does not depend on making every decision perfectly.  The experiences make you and your loved ones better off as a team since you now have more ideas and knowledge to draw from.

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