Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Mistakes Young Adults Make

1. Don't Save Enough
    Young adults seem to skip on the savings and go straight to the spending.  Having a good time is not bad but make sure you don't spend it all on things and people that won't matter a few years from now.

2. Don't Risk Enough
    Yes, playing it too safe will not pay off.  You have so much time ahead of you when you are young that even if you risk big and lose you will have plenty of time to gather yourself back up.  On the other hand what if the risk does pay off?

3. Comparing Yourself To Others
    We all know that there will always be people that are nicer, smarter, stronger etc  
What you don't always see is that you may be wrong some of the time.  Others may not be better off or immune to disrespect, illness and bad events.  Be happy for other people's success.

4. Not Enough Exercise
    School and work can take up a lot of our time so typically we rather have a good time with friends or family or just rest when we are done with those obligations.  Yet if we do commit and exercise our health will be at an optimal level making our old age less expensive and more enjoyable.  Once you become a senior and ill this will be the worst time to start exercising you will find it very hard.

5. Don't Volunteer
    It's not all about us we exist in a very connected world not only talking about humans here.  If you begin your life just worrying about yourself and self centered you will not be a very good family member, spouse, friend and mentor.  You will also feel empty and not satisfied even if you fulfill some or most of your goals.  You want to make a difference, help your community and fix some of the negatives you saw growing up.  This will bring satisfaction to your life and pick you up during the tough times.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Del Mar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Del Mar (DMPI) a Canadian based Pharmaceutical company founded in 2010 with its main player VAL-083 which is currently in the clinical trial stage in the U.S. for refractory glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).  Glioblastomas are the most aggressive form of brain cancer so aggressive that even under high levels of radiation the tumors may show no sign of ever receiving radiation.  The small-molecule
chemotherapeutic is already approved in China for lung cancer and chronic myelogenous leukemia. 
The bar is set higher in the U.S. both clinically and regulatory. 

As an investor I stay away from most OTC securities as they come with high risk.  As a man of medicine obsessed with the brain and cancer the stock seems promising and may surprise investors with a blockbuster drug.  Yet I have traded for quite a while so I know best to look for fundamental or technical analysis.  According to SeeThruEquity a NYC independent equity research firm they had modeled that Del Mar would have raised $2mn in 2014 yet DMPI reported a working capital of $4.1mn said to last the biotech company well into the first quarter of 2015 in regards to R&D. SeeThruEquity has a $4.53 price target for the company.

It is typical that newly founded pharmaceutical companies operate on negative cash flow during the clinical trial process.

Del Mar could be uplisted to either the NYSE or NASDAQ.  Making it a good investment for the long run or until it gets FDA approval.  The FDA already gave VAL-083 Orphan Drug Status.  Temodar and Avastin are the current drugs on the market for GBM.  The drug is a last result treatment but if it is approved it could become a front line treatment.  The company will make updates in regards to VAL-083 at the American Association Cancer Research Annual Meeting (April 5-9) in San Diego, CA. 

The Board of Directors includes two MBAs, a Ph.D and a Doctor of Medicine who practices at Columbia-Presbyterian.  Del Mar has three Advisors who either practice Neurosurgery or Neurology.

The stock has stayed in the $1-$1.4 range (after hitting a high of $2.4 in May 2013) for almost a year typical of a OTC security.

Without treatment victims with GBM will only survive for 4-5 months.  With treatment (chemo, radiation & Temodar) the survival rate is about 15 months.

If approved VAL-083 may generate $100s of millions in North America and possibly billions worldwide.  On the other hand if the drug fails to receive approval that will most likely be the end of Del Mar and a monetary loss to investors.  
Glioblastoma Multiforme - this one has crossed the midline
to the opposite hemisphere.
Neoplasms are quite vascular.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Learn To Be A Risk Taker

Whether you want to be a millionaire, successful in your career or both I believe taking risk will get you there.  I don't think money measures success many of history's great men died poor or in debt yet they contributed so much to our modern day use of electricity, statistics and science.  The point is that whatever your dream is taking risk will most likely be a prerequisite to get what you want.  It may be the only way to get what you want.

When it comes to money taking risk can make some uncomfortable. I try not to live a life that is too safe and predictable.  The security of always having an exact amount of money deposited to your account will not make you rich.  I never have the same amount of money from one day to another because my money is invested and it fluctuates.

I didn't have much growing up so I learned to accept taking risk.  No other feeling compares to that of losing a substantial amount of money.  I do take calculated risks there is no reason to take on more risk than necessary I would not advice making an investment that might leave you broke or in debt.

Risk can make the difference whether you live a simple life or have the power and freedom to live it the way you want to.  Risk well taken and executed can mean that you get to pick the people on your network. 

I like to see how people handle risk I see people pass up incredible opportunities just because they are afraid to take risk and make themselves vulnerable.  I would not pass up opportunities that may only come once in a life time.

You can't be afraid of failure or making a mistake in front of a few people.  Perfection isn't necessary to become wealthy or successful in your career.  I have made plenty of mistakes but I don't worry about them because the people who have seen me make mistakes I am not trying to impress.   Great men like Tesla, Mendel and Santiago Ramon y Cajal made plenty of mistakes yet the people who were rude or doubtful or who ridiculed them did not make history and their names are not mentioned at all.  Those ignorant people didn't matter.  I am glad these innovators did not give up otherwise they would have passed up so much over something so small as the fear of risk taking, failure and ridicule.

        Gregor Mendel                                       Nikola Tesla                                Santiago Ramon y Cajal