Friday, April 18, 2014

5 Mistakes Young Adults Make

1. Don't Save Enough
    Young adults seem to skip on the savings and go straight to the spending.  Having a good time is not bad but make sure you don't spend it all on things and people that won't matter a few years from now.

2. Don't Risk Enough
    Yes, playing it too safe will not pay off.  You have so much time ahead of you when you are young that even if you risk big and lose you will have plenty of time to gather yourself back up.  On the other hand what if the risk does pay off?

3. Comparing Yourself To Others
    We all know that there will always be people that are nicer, smarter, stronger etc  
What you don't always see is that you may be wrong some of the time.  Others may not be better off or immune to disrespect, illness and bad events.  Be happy for other people's success.

4. Not Enough Exercise
    School and work can take up a lot of our time so typically we rather have a good time with friends or family or just rest when we are done with those obligations.  Yet if we do commit and exercise our health will be at an optimal level making our old age less expensive and more enjoyable.  Once you become a senior and ill this will be the worst time to start exercising you will find it very hard.

5. Don't Volunteer
    It's not all about us we exist in a very connected world not only talking about humans here.  If you begin your life just worrying about yourself and self centered you will not be a very good family member, spouse, friend and mentor.  You will also feel empty and not satisfied even if you fulfill some or most of your goals.  You want to make a difference, help your community and fix some of the negatives you saw growing up.  This will bring satisfaction to your life and pick you up during the tough times.

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