Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Are You Taking Advice From?

The first year I started working out at a gym I saw no results on my body.  It took me a second year to gain muscle and start to lose body fat.  I couldn't afford to pay a personal trainer I had to learn on my own through trial and error.  I did get some help from a few gym members.  I decided to ask the bodybuilders to give me pointers.  I was very young so they were willing to help me out.

It is important to get the right advice from the right people.  If you go to a gym with 500 members all of which are men you will surely get advice from each one of them if you ask, even if they have no clue what they are doing.  I did not waste time asking those with no results how I should go about transforming my body.  It took a lot of time, patience and discipline to get what I wanted.

The same can be said about finance.  Who are you getting advice from?

If you hang out with smart people you will make smart choices.  If you hang out with positive people you will become a positive person.  If you hang out with wealthy people you will be wealthy yourself. Nobel Prize winners usually have students that end up receiving a Nobel Prize of their own.

Pretty simple whatever you want in life make sure you get the right type of advice.  You get what you pay for a low price most likely equals a poor answer and a poor outcome.  When the person you need is not available get their book.  While I got experience at the gym I read a lot about workout routines, human anatomy and nutrition.  I didn't know at the time that my interests would come in handy later on.  It all depends on how badly you want what you are looking for I am willing to travel to look for the information I need.  Next time you need help or feel stuck in life make sure to go get advice from a reliable and respectable source.

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