Saturday, April 30, 2016

Losing Weight

At the age of 3 I was a normal weight kid. I was a bit athletic from the age of 3-6 at about 7yrs of age I started gaining weight but not too much. It wasn't until I was 9yrs old that I started packing on the pounds. The reason is that I stopped playing sports and began to eat a lot but it was also the quality of the food a lot of sugary drinks and fried food.  This lasted up until the age of 14 by then I was pretty heavy.

At about 14 -15 yrs of age I began to play sports again and growing in height so the pounds started to drop.  I did not watch as much TV as before and didn't eat as much.  At this point I was skinny what most people would consider skinny but not lean.  To me the word lean and skinny are different lean means low body fat to the point where there is muscle definition and six pack abs showing.  Skinny is used for those that have flat stomachs but no muscle definition or vascularity.  I remained skinny for the next few years but still significant body fat so I did not have visible abs and not much muscle mass.  I would try to do workouts at home and lift whatever I found that resembled a weight.  I was broke I couldn't afford a computer. I went to the library to read magazines to see how to do certain exercises then I would go home and hope that I would perform them correctly.

Eventually I joined a gym and started the journey.  During my teen years it was obvious that the weight I gained as a kid was not going to go away anytime soon.  It took years to gain and it didn't want to go with out putting up a good fight.  Your body seems to get used to body fat or muscle mass the longer you hold on to it.  Along the way my body hit a lot of plateaus there were periods that it would not respond to the diet and I struggled to get rid of the fat around my stomach.  At this point I got rid of all sugary drinks and only drank water.  As I hit another plateau I got rid of another item such as rice or pasta.  The lower abs were the hardest for those I raised my cardio and got rid of most carbs.  The same is true when adding muscle I also had to change things a bit to get more mass.
Everybody struggles along the way you need to make changes to progress depending on your body type.

There are many body types some struggle with gaining weight others have trouble losing it and may be very sensitive to carbs.  Some people have skinny legs and arms but gain fat only in their midsections, some gain it all over.

The point is to be healthy and happy with yourself don't become obsessed with changing your appearance.  I don't want to pressure my future kids into being fit but I will try to get them involved in the kitchen so they can learn about healthy foods.  The reason is that the decision I made to eat a lot and not exercise as a kid caught up to me later on in life.  I am glad I did not go beyond the weight I reached, it would have been harder to burn that fat off.  If the weight gets out of control you can end up with skin that will hang once you lose weight and only surgery can help you with that, you don't want unnecessary surgery.  However you go about losing weight remember to reward and compliment yourself along the way.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day Trading Big Loss Avoided

Last year I traded Twitter ($52.30), GoPro ($43.75) and Tekmira ($22.10) now known as Arbutus Biopharma Corp. I day traded meaning I did not hold on to them for more than a day.  I tweeted a few of my trades. I was very busy so I just made enough to cover school expenses.  I did eventually trade twitter up until their earnings report and somehow results leaked out early which I was not expecting so when I came to check my computer I noticed my trade went bad.  I would have only taken a $1500 loss but the problem was that I had just entered a traders halt the worst possible scenario.  In the end I walked out with a loss that erased all my 2015 stock profits but not the biggest loss I have experienced.  I went against my own rules which is why it backfired I overtraded and left the trade unattended. I did however exit the trade and did not hold on to it to see if it came back around. I know better than that you can easily become reckless in your trading.

I have learned from older men whom have lost their retirement money that a small loss easily becomes an enormous loss when you hold on to a bad stock.  In the past I would have taken a break to cool off and returned to try to make my money back. This past year was very hectic for me I could not trade at all I needed full concentration in school.  Stock trading is a fun way to invest but it should not become an addiction or an unhealthy gambling problem.  Money is not the most important thing in life. At some point I will have a bit more time and I will return and make it back as I have in the past. In the past 7 years 2015 has been my only unprofitable year just because I was too busy to continue trading.

From the pictures below (last few trades I made in 2015) we can see how in less than a year I could have lost an enormous amount of money over $85k.

I last traded Twitter at about $52.30 it now trades at $15.91 had I held on to it I would have lost $36,390

I last traded GoPro at about $43.75 it now trades at $12.42 had I held on to it I would have lost $31,330

I last traded Tekmira (Arbutus) at about $22.10 it now trades at $3.99 had I held on to it I would've lost $18,110