Saturday, September 28, 2013

5 Ways To Get Ideas To Start A Business

If you find yourself with a strong desire to start a business but can't seem to get started or lack ideas read the following 5 pointers to get your creativity flowing:

1. Travel
Get out there look at different communities see what the daily routine looks like in every country or state you visit.  Check out the markets and the major employers. Do you see products/services that are to your liking that you don't find in your hometown?

2. Meet People
Think you have the people you need in your life think again there is always something to be learned from your fellow man.  We don't know it all and by meeting others we get to see how they think and how they view life.  It may surprise you that every so often you meet people that will need your help or may have the answer you are looking for.  They may also give you ideas about things you don't even know about.

3. Look at Art
When was the last time you went to a museum? Go to art galleries see what is in peoples' minds and hearts.  I have seen some original work that has blown my mind and exhibits that have inspired me.  Check out this artist's work Erik Plambeck to view this exhibit you have to clock in and out.  People that work in advertisement go to art galleries to get ideas for their next commercial I can see why.

4. Try To Solve A Problem
Start at home do you see a problem that needs fixing? Maybe you have a recipe to make vegetable chips that's what made Dana Sinkler and Alex Dzieduszycki the creators of Terra Chips rich.  If you don't find the answer right in your home then take a walk around your neighborhood do you see any services or products that would help the community?

5. Look At Other Businesses
Read about failed businesses and why they didn't work.  Look at businesses in your area see if you can think of ways on how to improve them.  Check out the businesses that are for sale on eBay to get ideas or to pick up where the owner left off.  Make sure you find out the real reason the owner is selling the business. Research the new trends in your local businesses as they may hold answers to what you should be looking for.

Get guidance before you start your business but don't take too long or over think the process.  You don't want to be a part of the take your dream to the grave team.  Good luck!

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