Monday, September 23, 2013

5 Ways To Save Money Year Round

I read a lot of articles about saving money and they either tell you to cut coupons or to shop for specific items during certain holidays. To me that sounds too complicated.  Here are a few simple ways to save no matter the season:

1. Buy Ahead of Time When Traveling
Nothing fancy here just book that flight well in advance.  When using Greyhound, Megabus, Metro-North and Amtrak the strategy is the same book your tickets well in advance and save the difference. You can travel in between states for cheap if you book ahead.  If you want to really be frugal bring your own food to eat on the ride.

2. Buy Used
When you buy new you pay for the depreciation on that item.  I draw the line when it comes to clothes and computers but there are lots of people that don't mind buying used clothing.
3. Barter
I love trading movies and electronics with friends.  Sometimes I just give items I don't need to my friends and when the time comes they return the favor.  Post your items online, you never know who wants your old stuff and what they are willing to trade for it.

4. Go Digital
If you have a computer/laptop you basically have all you need to entertain yourself.  Music, movies, information, games, books and just about everything else can be found online for free.

5. Use Promotional Codes
Before you buy an item online search for promo codes to get an extra 10% off or to get free shipping. You can also let the item rest on your shopping cart for a day or so to decide if you really need the item.

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