Saturday, July 26, 2014

Education Outside The Classroom

Aside from school and work I like to attend seminars and conferences about different topics such as art, finance and medicine.  I also like to travel to different states to learn about people and their daily lives to see how they differ or compare to people in NYC.  Museums, art galleries and hospitals are of high interest to me so I set these as my first destination points.  I also like to visit restaurants, malls and the zoo if possible.

I recently went to Chicago to see what is now being called a new up and coming real estate hot spot. I got there early and saw the stampedes of people rushing to work.  Young people in their business clothes going to their 9-5 yet I don't think that is the place to find true wealth.  Having a job is a good thing and can contribute to society but is not the way to create real wealth.  Some pretty important buildings all in walking distance from each other yet people bypass them missing out on the enormous educational experience.  I visited the Chicago Stock Exchange, Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago Board Of Trade and the Harold Washington Library (the largest public library building in the world).  Not too many young people at these places or anyone if at all.  If possible I would live in the library and educate myself at the financial district and work at the Illinois Medical District.  For fun I would take the #22 bus ($2.25) to check out the animals at the Lincoln Park Zoo (free).

The world's oldest futures and options exchange established in 1848

One of twelve regional reserve banks

The $10,000 bill was taken out of circulation to discourage their use in avoiding income tax

In July 1914 the Exchange closed as a result of World War I, and remained closed until December 11

Information is not an item but can be exchangeable for goods and services

A few months ago I went to check out the real estate in Rhode Island.  The houses are less expensive than the NYC homes I am used to.  Current rates are at 4.19% for the 30 yr fixed.

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