Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How To Become Successful

Whatever your goal in life happens to be success will only come to those that envision the final result way before it has been reached.  Picture a marathon runner preparing to race, in his mind he has already crossed the finish line.  If he does not know where the finish line is then what is the point of him running he will never stop running or most likely give up quickly.  Setting a goal is very important you need to know where you are going.  This is the fun part where you dream and you make it as big and exciting as you want.  Do not ask for permission just dream and set high goals for yourself.  Then you must find a way to get your goal fulfilled to attain success.  You need to write down your goal and believe it will happen you need to envision it daily and tell others about it. People may help you, not care or even doubt you.  It doesn't matter if others bash your dream the act of saying it aloud increases your probability of success.

When I was starting out as a freshman in college I went ahead and told a pretty girl from my class my dream which at the time was a pretty big one for me.  I don't know if she believed me or not but at least she was polite about it.  A few semesters later as I found myself working at a gym and other low paying jobs with very little savings I doubted myself and regretted having told my classmate my dream.  But that doubt didn't last long I kept telling myself and others about my dream.  The work I put in was overwhelming there is no easy way to attain victory.  In the process my dream changed it got bigger  and I now realize that although the dream I shared with my classmate has changed if I wanted to do so I would be able to carry out what I told her.  Telling her my dream ended up being a good thing.

To attain success you need to associate with like minded people.  People that will challenge you and encourage you.  You also need to find mentors who are currently living your dream so you can learn from them and not waste time trying to figure out all the little details by yourself.  If you have the means and time go international and visit people in other parts of the world.  I learned plenty by traveling and observing people's routines and every day lives.

As you achieve goals make them bigger or update them if you find new passions. Empower others along the way the same way others empowered you.  When you find adversity along the way don't pay much mind to it.  Success is always the best answer to jealous, doubtful and arrogant people. Turn the negatives into a positive and you will surely achieve success much faster than if you dwell on the bad situations or people that you will surely come across.

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