Sunday, July 7, 2013

Save Money By Living With Less

If you are single or married with no kids you don't really need a big place to live in.  Why dish out money to get a big place when you can get by on a small apartment?  Not that buying a big place is wrong but the way the world is changing we don't need much space to live in.  Over the past few years I have gotten rid of many material possessions and seem to have more and more space.  I no longer need to store movies, books, paper or CDs.  All I need are a few pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes, sneakers a bed and a computer in my room.

I have always wanted to live in a big place but during the process of saving I have adapted to the paperless society the internet and technology have brought about.  It is much more convenient to store movies, books and music online and take it on the go via an iPod/tablet.  Almost everything I need is stored or available online or on a flash drive which has freed up most of the space in my place. I seem to have trouble filling the space in my living room and closets.  Why do I need a bigger place?  The savings that come with the need for less physical space to live in is a great way to free up time and money for recreational activities such as traveling.  Having less material things frees up your mind since you have less things to worry about and keep track of as well as to insure.  It also makes packing, moving and traveling a breeze.  I can focus more on personal projects, studying and having fun instead of having to keep my place tidy; not much left to clean after.

This new digital era lifestyle is ideal for those young adults trying to make it on their own, now they can live on a smaller budget and look for a smaller place to live in.  Less belongings mean less stress I believe smaller living spaces will become the norm once people catch on. The media advertises big houses, big cars and big wardrobes yet living with less is much more liberating and economically it makes sense for most young adults and newlyweds.


  1. That's true. I've learned after spending much time with my grandfather that buying a big house and expecting to live in it the rest of your life is worthless. As you get older and your bones get weaker you won't even use upstairs room.

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