Saturday, July 13, 2013

5 Ways To Guarantee You Won't Be Financially Free

Most people dream about being able to travel and do what they really want to do and never having to worry about money and their financial situation. Then there are those who don't care, here are a few things that you can do to make sure you never become independent and financially free:

1. Don't Save
That's right spend every single cent you have this includes all your income and gifts from family and friends. If you happen to find some money on the street spend it immediately make sure it doesn't make it back home you might be tempted to save it or it could get lost at home which would make you keep it for a long time.

2. Work For Every Penny
Never let your money earn interest always work for every dollar.  If you didn't work for it then give it back this means no savings accounts that bear interest, no investing, no royalties, no passive income and no dividends. You have to work for your money never let your money work for you.  Go to work 9-5 every day and get as much overtime as you can try to get another job in the evening or on the weekend so you can work even more. Try to suck up as much as you can so you can move up and make a few more dollars at this rate you will be working well into your 70's.

3. Get As Many Credit Cards As You Can
It is never too early to get a credit card and the more of them you can get and max out the better. Get the department store credit cards those come with the highest APRs. Do spend as much as you can starting with the cards with the highest rates and only make minimum payments. Do get cash advances on your credit card make sure you accrue as many fees as you can and miss payments occasionally remember you will be making minimum payments for life.

4. Don't Invest
Why bother taking risks they may lead to more money and forget about the power of compound interest you might become a millionaire that way.  Why bother buying a stock and letting it grow in value not to mention that it can pay you dividends while you own it.  It doesn't feel good to know that while you are working or spending time with friends your money is growing even when you are not around to keep an eye on it.  While you sleep your cash can also make more money in other markets overseas as well as in the form of interest you can rest peacefully tonight knowing that this won't be you.

5. Don't Become Financially Educated
If schools don't bother to teach you how to manage money why bother learning, it must be useless.  So drop that financial book and never pick up an annual report from any company, you might learn how the world economy can affect your life or make you money for that matter.  Why bother learning how to protect your money from inflation or estate taxes you will never have any so what is there to protect.  Why bother learning how to make your money grow? You don't need to read about credit and how it can make you wealthier and financially free if used correctly.  What is the point of being able to retire at a young age?

If you still feel that there is a chance you will have some extra money left over after following these steps feel free to send it my way.  Of course if you do want to become financially free do the opposite of what I just wrote.

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