Sunday, June 23, 2013

How The Job Market Is Evolving

In a computer dominated world one can't ignore how the job market has changed.  We live in a world where more can be done with less.  Less time, less employees and less money.  A few years ago I told one of my classmates that I might need her help to do an online project but the more I learned about the internet and computers the less I needed her help.  I searched for all the answers online and I ended up doing it all by myself meaning I did not need to hire her nor pay her.  All the information and tutorials were online and free.  Speed is also a factor you can get more done in less time which has allowed for a lot of jobs to be given to freelance workers letting companies save on employee benefit plans.  Yes, computers are eliminating jobs but they are also making us more efficient and they give people access to a massive amount of information quickly.

Computers and information technology are changing exponentially which will only accelerate the way jobs evolve even more.  Keeping up, adapting and being able to predict change will be the name of the game.  Online social media has changed the way we get jobs; Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even YouTube are some of the new ways of getting that job lead and interview all of which are free. These popular online social media companies make plenty of money but employ very few proving that doing more with less is the new way of life.  Are we to think those high paying jobs of the past are likely to come back?  The number of top paying jobs will only decrease and go to the ones creating or making the best use of the new technology.  A good example of how technology and science are changing exponentially is the rate at which synthetic DNA can be made.  The rate has increased and the cost has been reduced significantly, in the future it will become a consumer product via laser printing.

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