Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Social Media Statistics Part 1

As we find ourselves in the digital high tech era with a new definition to what society has become it is valuable to see the statistics around it all. This new form of communication is here to stay, social media is a way of life that has changed the world. Some predict the new wave will see social networks that differentiate and cater to specific needs breaking up the big players such as Facebook and Twitter.  While we wait and see let us step back and analyze the statistics and behavior of the current social media.

Statistics from 2009 - 2010 by Sysomos reveals that Twitter users with more than 100 friends have increased three-fold since 2009. About 22% of users accounted for about 90% of all Twitter activity and 80% of users have made less than 500 tweets. According to the data as time has passed a good amount of users feel more comfortable disclosing their location, web info and bio on their profiles, this number more than doubled to 63% by Twitter users in 2010. The most popular day of the week for Twitter use is Tuesday and daily activity is at its highest between 11am - 3pm.
The Twitter community has grown steadily and significantly, in August 2010, 44% of the total social network population were new users. More than three fourths of all users have made fewer than 500 tweets, 2.7% have made more than 5000 and only 0.18% have made more than 25,000 tweets respectively. When it comes to number of followers the majority about 95% have less than 500 followers, 2.12% have more than 1000 followers and only 0.06% of Twitter users have more than 20,000 followers. Any Twitter user can be found withing five degrees of separation or less.
Sysomos conducted their research by viewing more than a billion tweets coming from more than 20 million Twitter users in 2010 compared to analyzing 11.5 million accounts in 2009.

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