Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Do Not Wait Until You Become Rich To Talk To Women

At a young age I had a few questions about girls so I went online and found an article on how to talk to women.  The article's writer told young men not to wait until they became rich to talk to women especially the ones they really like.  I guess young men think that money is the only way to get the women they want.  I agree with the writer not just because money is not the most important thing in life but it is obvious that not everybody on this earth is destined to become rich.

What I see most guys struggle with is the initial conversation when you introduce yourself.

How then will you talk to her?

Don't worry if you are shy or get nervous just get a job as a sales agent after speaking to so many people the task won't be as hard practice is your friend.

In my case things worked out a bit differently not intentionally anyway it wasn't necessarily the money but the fact that the money gave me access to more education which gave me confidence and the topics to go up to the women I like.  The more education I got the stronger my network got which opened more doors to get me more educated attractive women in my path.  Years before I might have had the guts to talk to these women (assuming that I had access to them as some of these women are only found in labs of Ivy league schools doing research) but my lack of education would have limited my conversation and would have made it difficult to keep them.  It is not necessarily the money but the level of education to give them a stimulating conversation.  You want them to feel confident by just being around you.  A more educated man has a larger array of tools to court a woman with and skills to pass on to his offspring which is a quality attractive well educated women look for.

My advice is to get better educated you don't need to be wealthy just get involved in many areas learn how to fix cars, read online periodicals, volunteer at an art gallery, this will give you a wide array of topics to connect with all sorts of women.  It will make you a better provider in the future when you settle down with the wife of your dreams.

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