Thursday, October 10, 2013

The New Benjamins

The new U.S. hundred dollar bill just made its debut on October 8th 2013. Yes, they do look awesome and so far are a bit hard to come by.  Most banks in NYC have not received them yet and it may take at least another week for those banks to get them.  Banks with the older hundred dollar bills will go through that surplus first before they order a new supply.

The last time the hundred dollar bill was redesigned was in 1996 when we got the "Big Head Benjamins" in circulation.  The new design as you can see below has small 100's on the back and front plus a 3-D blue security ribbon.

The new design has collectors worldwide interested and trying to get their hands on them via ebay. What collectors should look out for are the very rare ones those that have a straight serial number such as "12345678" or very low ones such as "00000001" get your hands on these and you might get up to $10k or more per bill.  As a collector you can just hold on to them especially if they are uncirculated meaning no one has ever touched them before like the ones in the pictures provided.

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