Sunday, May 12, 2013

What If You Were Homeless?

A few months ago while riding the train I noticed a homeless man sleeping at the Bowery Subway Station. What made him stand out was the fact that he managed to set up a small fortress including a mattress and other amenities.  As the passengers on the train stared I started to think to myself "If I were him how would I come out of that situation?"  How would I reinvent myself and make my way back into society?  I tried to see the advantages the Bowery stranger had in his favor.  After all he was clever enough to choose one of the least used stations on the transit system.  Since he was living in the subway platform he was not paying any rent or utilities which is a major advantage. 

If I were homeless the first thing I would need would be a portable inexpensive device (laptop,tablet) and Wi-Fi connection to do online research. I would need access to credit, I would need to go to a bank to deposit any money I may have.  Then I would have to get someone to let me use their address so I may receive the credit card via mail once received and activated my account would immediately be paperless via online banking.  With my new credit card at 0% APR for the first year and a half I am prepared to transform myself. 

I would open an online account with a currency trading company such as ForexClub which I could open with as little as $250 with a credit card.  I would take the profits and defer the payment a year and a half from now when my credit card balance will begin to accrue interest.   Let's assume the worst case scenario I end up losing money as a currency trader, the money won't need to be paid back right away. But with the amount of skills and information picked up as a Forex Trader I could easily apply for a job at a bank and would ace the interview with my knowledge of world currencies and interest rates that most applicants would not even know about.

While I am building up my network and trying different endeavours I would have to make use of some sort of barter system where I offer to do chores and minimal jobs in exchange for a mailing address, a place to take a bath and access to clothing.  I would take advantage of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to network, get leads for jobs and even make some friends.  The beauty of the digital era is that most of what I need would be in digital form (movies, music, banking, network and information) I would not need more than a flash drive and a laptop to reinvent myself.  The only items I would need to store would be essentials such as clothes and personal hygiene products which I could put in a small storage. 

The possibilities are endless I could do freelance work as well until I find a full time job that would allow me to move into my own place.  Being a man of research and frugality would put me in a good position to create wealth once I find permanent employment.  Some people file for bankruptcy or have their home foreclosed and yet they are able to come back.  With determination anything is possible, in this digital era the way back can be much easier and if done right it can be accomplished much faster for those willing to put in the effort.

How would you do it?


(238k, 1044x703)<br><b>Country:</b> United States<br><b>City:</b> New York<br><b>System:</b> New York City Transit<br><b>Line:</b> BMT Nassau Street/Jamaica Line<br><b>Location:</b> Bowery <br><b>Photo by:</b> John Barnes<br><b>Date:</b> 6/15/2009<br><b>Notes:</b> Station view.<br><b>Viewed (this week/total):</b> 3 / 812
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