Sunday, March 17, 2013

How To Become A Millionaire

Does money make you happy? Whether it does or not one thing is certain money well used gives you freedom.  Freedom to travel, study and help out your family.  Becoming a millionaire is not that hard if you have determination and set goals on how to get there. 

How to start?

Try to save as much as you can whether you work part time or full time.  You can't work for every single dollar at some point you have to let your money work for you by earning interest.  There is no excuse when it comes to creating wealth whether you earn a small amount of income or if you come from a wealthy family, complaining will only hold you back.  Decide to be happy and that alone will make your journey easier and free up your mind to work on your money making ideas.

Study the real estate market even if you don't want to buy right now, a good investor knows what the economy is doing and keeps his options open.  About 97% of the millionaires interviewed "The Millionaire Next Door" are homeowners and have occupied the same home for many years. 

Study the economy and the stock market it is easy to start open up an account with an online brokerage firm with as little as $500.  The wealthy invest regularly and take control of their investment decisions.  To get an idea of what kind of returns it will take to become a millionaire try this online calculator.  Take risk; there is no reward for being too safe in life.

Whether you are working a 9-5 or are a freelance worker think about earning income on the side by starting an online business. About two thirds of American millionaires are self employed.

Looks can be deceiving a good amount of millionaires in America are frugal they don't drive fancy cars they don't look the part.  The digital era has changed the game.  Gone are the days when gray hair meant wealth and top management.  Look around who is creating the best technology and making the best use of it?  You have 20yr olds becoming millionaires and billionaires in record time.  The young are becoming CEOs of their new found companies and leaving their mark online. 

There are joys to saving, investing and financially educating yourself one of which is having a "go to hell fund" this fund measures how long you can live comfortably without having to work.  The wealthy live well below their means therefore they can go a very long time without working. 


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