Monday, July 18, 2011

Financial Questions We Should Ask Ourselves

Can I afford to buy that? Can I live without that?

Should I buy a home or rent? Is it always better to own a home?

Should I give a big down payment? If I have the money to pay for the house in full should I do so?

Am I living above my means? Am I living below my means? Am I trying to act wealthy?

Can I afford to take a vacation? Should I put in on my credit card?

What is the financially responsible way to use a credit card?

Is my money gaining interest? Is it keeping up with inflation? How do I fight inflation?

Do I know what is going on with my 403B? 401K? do I feel confident with the ratio in which my money is being diversified in my retirement fund? Should I be contributing tax free money to my account?

Would it be better for me to invest on my own?

Am I ready to start a family?

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